NAME: agata

gsm: +32468164356

email: agata.niemiec1108@gmail.com

My name is Agata and I would like to bring you into the world OF PIERCING AND TATTOO REMOVAL!

i'm specialist in body modification and tattoo removal and i will explain you here everything you need to know about piercing, TYPES of piercing and a proper aftercare! 

i'm also happy to be a part of blue magic pins team and together we make a nice and joyful atmosphere so feel free to visit us to get any extra info you need!


you will find all the other important info on my official page Skin&SINS and you can follow my work and latest updates and discounts on my facebook page skin&sins !



Once you come to our shop, you will be able to choose between huge assortment of high quality piercings with best prices!


just come and check out our eight fully packed glass cases  and you will surely find a gorgeous piercing for everyone's taste!


* IF YOU're looking for some piercing type that is not on our list, please contact me and i will help you!